The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica saga has been going on for months now. As Mark Zuckerberg prepares himself to face the senators in Washington, it is important to know first how this saga aroused.

In mid of March, the famous tech company Facebook came under the scrutiny of providing data of its millions of users to a UK based data mining company, Cambridge Analytica, which had ties with the current US president Mr Trump. The UK based company was gathering all data to sway the voters in the US during their presidential election period.

The company was using an app that was linked to Facebook profiles of users and would gather their private information to build a psychological profile of millions of electorates. This all was done without having the permission from the users of Facebook. And because of Facebook’s this mistake, everybody is now mad at the tech company. People have started asking questions about Facebook’s privacy and their ability to protect the sensitive data of its users.

Facebook believes that they might have leaked data of over 87 million of its users, they also said that majority of their 2.2 billion users have had their profile scraped by some malicious users. And due to this, the Congress has been involved in this matter. They want to implement new regulations on Facebook due to the enormous size of the company. There are multiple authorities in the US and the UK monitoring the whole situation and continuing their investigation regarding this matter.

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