Vivo announced the most interesting phone of 2018 in this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, the Vivo Apex. It is the world’s first phone to have no front camera on the screen, also it has the on-screen fingerprint scanner. 

The Chinese company released the concept phone which had astounding 98% screen to body ratio. But how were they able to do that? The answer was simple, move the camera out of the screen and place a fingerprint scanner inside the screen. Vivo described this on-screen fingerprint scanner as their “Half-Screen In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology.”.

The company also placed an 8 MP front camera on a pod that rises up when the user is taking a selfie. Vivo says that the pod takes only 0.8 seconds to come out of the phone. This is an excellent way to avoid the notch, which not all of us like.

The company has also put a much wider fingerprint scanner that can enable the users to scan two fingerprints at one time for extra security. To have that incredible screen to body ratio, the speakers of the phone were moved to the bottom. Honestly, it is not the best position for having a speaker but it can be understood that the company had to make some sacrifices to have a true bezel-less phone. 

Although Vivo says that it has no plans for releasing the phone anytime soon, it is implausible to stop this phone from releasing. Vivo has got everything right in this concept phone and all of their experiments are working successfully too.

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