Drake just can’t stop breaking records. From winning most Billboards Music Awards to having the most watched stream on Twitch, the Six God cannot be stopped. Drake teamed up with pro-gamer Ninja, rookie NFL player Juju-Smith, and rapper Travis Scott to play a game that has been trending recently, Fortnite.


Fortnite is an open world game similar to Minecraft but with multiplayer option. Players from all around the world join in a single map to fight each other while forming structures from blocks to defend themselves. Fortnite is not like a usual multiplayer game, in this game the players are more patient and the main focus is on strategy as the map are much more bigger than normal multiplayer games like Call of Duty.


This has attracted many players to this game including Ninja who is one of the famous pro-gamer on Twitch. On March 15, he, Drake and Travis started a live stream while Ninja playing his game and there were a lot of discussions in the stream including Drake’s opinion on improving the game and discussing Pineapple on Pizza (which Drake likes). The live stream had more than 625,000 viewers beating the old record of 388,000 viewers on a single stream. drake end

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