Everyone was curious about the Center Core after the launch of the “most powerful operational rocket” on the planet. The Center Core got more attention than any other topics on February 6, 2018. Everyone was asking the same question, where did it go?

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The SpaceX’ launch of Falcon Heavy was a huge success not only for the company but also for science. They did a thing no one in the history has done, that was bringing back the parts of the rocket for its reuse. The American based company was successful in bringing back two of its three boosters and man what a scene that was, two rockets landing simultaneously side by side, easily the coolest thing to see in 2018 so far. But the third booster failed to land.

retrieved from: https://mashable.com/2018/02/05/spacex-launching-falcon-heavy-rocket/#S8lKuWSDWOqf

The reason for the crash was pretty simple, it lacked the fuel required for landing. The ignition fluid was enough to land back the two engines and hence the fix is pretty obvious for Elon and SpaceX. The founder of SpaceX also told about the crash of the third booster in a news conference stating, “The centre core hit water at 300 miles per hour (482km/h) and took out two of the engines of the drone ship”. 


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