Barely four months have been passed since Google released Android 8.1 update, and now the California based company released the developer version of its latest operating system update, Android P. Although this update, like other past developer updates, will be available for Pixel and Nexus users, people have already started asking questions about this Google’s decision.

Google has big plans for this new update as it is enabling the other Android phones with “notch” to successfully optimize their notch. This has given us a hint about Google’s next phone aesthetics. We can clearly see the differences in the new update as the overall user interface are much more rounded-off and there are changes in the colour scheme of the notification panel as well.

The new update will also provide a battery percentage when on sleep so the users don’t have to wake up their phone to see the battery. The time location is also moved from top right corner to top left corner to make the phone more “notch” friendly.

The new update will also have better indoor navigation on Google Maps. This will be possible as the new update will give Maps native support forĀ IEEE 802.11mc Wi-Fi protocol. There will also be a native support for HDR VP9 profile so that the developers can deliver HDR enabled videos to the end users.


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